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EBSI-NE is a groundbreaking EU-funded initiative aimed at expanding the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) to offer a wider array of innovative services for EU businesses and citizens.

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Interreg: BLockchain IN Government

The BLING project investigated, by combining the expertise of knowledge institutions and the playingfield of municipalities and governmental organisations together with businesses and citizens, what role Blockchain can be for governments.

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Tetra: Innovative businessmodels for KMO's in de METAVERSE

Het doel van dit onderzoeksproject is allereerst om in kaart te brengen hoe Metaverse en Web3 technologieën gebruikt kunnen worden om Vlaamse KMO’s in retail & product ontwikkeling vooruit te helpen.

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Interreg: Blockchain­4­Prosumers - BC4P

The project name Blockchain4Prosumers - BC4P connects two elements: On the one hand the blockchain technology and on the other hand the prosumer. The blockchain makes it possible to make locally generated energy available through trading platforms or directly to other consumers and users.

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Tetra: Blockchain4SME

The main goal of the research is to pass on the knowledge of blockchain technology to Flemish SMEs so that they can further digitize, improve, renew, secure and provide data privacy for their business processes.

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DEP: x-Cite

x-CITE - Expanding the Experience of Citizens through Extended Reality will advance the development of the CitiVerse as a tool for human-centric smart city transformation. x-CITE expand the experience and engagement of citizens through XR in the areas of urban planning, social engagement, culture and tourism.

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DEP: Digital Credentials 4 Europe (DC4EU)

DC4EU aims to apply the European Union’s eIDAS trust framework focusing on the education and social security fields. DC4EU will investigate the issuance of educational credentials and professional qualifications in the education sector and credentials in social security.

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ICON: Future Flemish Pig

Unlocking the potential of blockchain technology in the pig production and processing chain based on improved transparency and automated traceability.

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Howest receives grant to expand AI Lab and create Metaverse and Web3 Experience Lab

Thanks to a Research Infrastructure grant from VLAIO, our AI Lab is getting a significant upgrade, becoming a hub for cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence across various sectors. Simultaneously, we introduce the Web3 and Metaverse Experience Lab.

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Robby and Shane presented at Linux OSS Japan

Cyber 3 Labs researchers Robby Goetinck and Shane Deconinck were invited to present their work at Linux Open Source Summit Japan on December 5 and 6 in Tokyo, Japan. Additionally, they were also the only academic speakers at the Hyperledger Member Summit that was organised at the same venue.

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Create an NFT for the Day of Science

How do science and technology contribute to a better world?\nFind out on Sunday, November 26, 2023 at the Mind- and Makerspace Brugge and The Penta Kortrijk. Researchers, experts and students from Howest will take you into the wonderful world of science.

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Representing our web3 programmes in Blockchance Hamburg

In May 2023, the Howest Security and Privacy research group had the opportunity to promote their Web3 programs at the largest blockchain conference in Europe. Researchers Cesar and Shane traveled to Hamburg Germany to represent Howest.

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Picture of Daniel Du Seuil

Daniel Du Seuil

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Research Manager Cyber 3 Labs

Daniel Du Seuil is the Research coordinator of the Cyber 3 Labs research unit. He has a strong background in web3 and blockchain, gained experience in many innovation projects in the public sector and joined Howest in june 2023. Daniel is the Convenor of the European Self Sovereign Identity Framework within the European Blockchain Partnership. This partnership of 30 EU member states and related countries cooperate in the establishment of a European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) that will support the delivery of cross-border digital public services, with the highest standards of security and privacy. Daniel is also the initiator and project leader of the National Belgian SSI project Blockchain on the move. He was the former blockchain Program Manager of the Flemish government. He is also a member of the EU blockchain observatory and co-initiator of the Belgian blockchain taskforce at Beltug and the new Blockchain4Belgium group.

Picture of Wim Van Renterghem

Wim Van Renterghem

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Web3 Program Manager, Researcher & Lecturer

I am a mobile developer at heart, working on mobile apps since 2015. Ever since I followed the blockchain@home course at Howest in 2018, I knew I wanted to become a blockchain/Web3 developer. Since then, I have taught the same courses I followed, researched blockchain technology in the BLING project, and most recently have become the program manager of our Web3 courses. I am also focused on life long learning, most recently with a cyber security education.

Picture of Jana Bostoen

Jana Bostoen

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Researcher and Lecturer in Business and Organization

Jana gained several years of experience as a business analyst and (functional) IT consultant at various large companies after completing her master's degree in Business Management. Serving as the link between business and IT is the common thread in her further career path. In both her roles as researcher and lecturer, she shaped various digitization projects and imparts that knowledge to her students. Crafting solutions for businesses using technology is her great passion.

Picture of Shane Deconinck

Shane Deconinck

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Web3 Lead

Shane Deconinck is Web3 Lead at Howest University of Applied Sciences. He's guiding the impact-driven applied research through combining deep technological understanding with human centered design techniques.