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Digihub Project: Lambrecht Silo CoNNect

Lambrecht Constructie nv designs bulk tanks for the transport of various dry bulk products, including animal feed, grains and sugar. The family business, active for 50 years, strives for high-quality customized vehicles. The bulk tanks have a semi-automatic unloading system called "Silo CoNNect".

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Flutter Belgium's 18th meetup @Howest

Flutter Belgium is the Google developers group for Flutter developers in Belgium. They organize multiple meetups throughout the year to gather all Flutter developers to talk about hot topics, projects, and new packages or features released. For the 18th meetup, we at Cyber3Labs got the opportunity to host their event.

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Thijs Pirmez

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Android & iOS developer, AI researcher

Thijs Pirmez is an Android and iOS developer, as well as an all-around AI researcher. He embarked on his technology journey as a self-taught coder, and from that point onward, he has never looked back. Primarily, Thijs works with the Flutter Framework for app development, but he also possesses proficiency in native Android development and front-end web development. As an AI researcher, he brings substantial experience in implementing AI object detection in mobile applications, along with a deep understanding of general machine learning and deep learning.