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Picture of Thijs Pirmez

Thijs Pirmez

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Android & iOS developer, AI researcher

Thijs Pirmez is an Android and iOS developer, as well as an all-around AI researcher. He embarked on his technology journey as a self-taught coder, and from that point onward, he has never looked back. Primarily, Thijs works with the Flutter Framework for app development, but he also possesses proficiency in native Android development and front-end web development. As an AI researcher, he brings substantial experience in implementing AI object detection in mobile applications, along with a deep understanding of general machine learning and deep learning.

Picture of Gert-Jan Wille

Gert-Jan Wille

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Cyber Security Research & SOC Manager

Gert-Jan Wille is a passionate professional in the field of Cybersecurity and IT. With his extensive background in Cybersecurity, IT, and Finance, he has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience. Currently, he works as a Cyber Security Research & SOC manager at the Cyber 3.0 Lab research group. Gert-Jan is dedicated to promoting cybersecurity and developing innovative solutions to protect organizations against cyber threats. His expertise extends to managing Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and conducting advanced research in the field of Cybersecurity. With his strong analytical skills and passion for the profession, Gert-Jan continues to strive for creating a safer digital world.

Picture of William Schokkelé

William Schokkelé

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Academic Director cluster Computer Science & Technology

As the Academic Director of Computer Science & Technology at Howest University of Applied Sciences, William is dedicated to advancing education and research in this dynamic field. His focus is on creating an innovative learning environment that equips students for the challenges of the digital age. Our expertise includes Cyber Security, AI, Web3, App Development, and Systems/Networking. Prioritizing the wellbeing of the team, he fosters a supportive work environment for creativity and growth. Actively engaging in cluster cooperation, he cultivates collaborative relationships for innovation and knowledge exchange. Through this role, he aims to inspire the next generation of tech professionals and contribute to the technological landscape.

Picture of Cesar De Greve

Cesar De Greve

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Creative Technologist

I am passionate about designing and creating interactive web applications with a twist and with an impact on the organizations we work for and society at large. I graduated with greatest distinction in Digital Design and Development at Howest. My studies allow me to gain insights in design (my creative and crazy part) and in programming and coding (my analytical part). The UX research brought me closer to understanding what customers really want and how they actually use the products and services

Picture of Patrick Van Renterghem

Patrick Van Renterghem

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Research marketing and communITy-cation

This boomer was born to learn, and has never stopped upskilling himself and others. His passions are digital transformation, data engineering, classic and generative AI, and fostering business innovation through emerging technologies. As a strong believer in Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS), he likes to raise the tech savviness bar for individuals and companies, and bring together people via knowledge-centric events and communities of interest.

Picture of Thomas Lefevre

Thomas Lefevre

Cybersecurity Researcher

to be added

Picture of Laurens Singier

Laurens Singier

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Security Researcher & Ethical hacker

Meet Laurens Singier, a dynamic and talented young professional in the field of cybersecurity specializing in both Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) systems. Laurens holds a degree in Computer Science, laying the foundation for a career dedicated to safeguarding critical systems against cyber threats & helping companies grow into the digital age. With a passion for staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Laurens actively engages in the world of ethical hacking and penetration testing. A regular participant on platforms like Hack The Box, Laurens thrives on the challenges presented by real-world scenarios, honing skills that are crucial in fortifying digital infrastructures.

Picture of Daniel Du Seuil

Daniel Du Seuil

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Research Manager Cyber 3 Labs

Daniel Du Seuil is the Research coordinator of the Cyber 3 Labs research unit. He has a strong background in web3 and blockchain, gained experience in many innovation projects in the public sector and joined Howest in june 2023. Daniel is the Convenor of the European Self Sovereign Identity Framework within the European Blockchain Partnership. This partnership of 30 EU member states and related countries cooperate in the establishment of a European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) that will support the delivery of cross-border digital public services, with the highest standards of security and privacy. Daniel is also the initiator and project leader of the National Belgian SSI project Blockchain on the move. He was the former blockchain Program Manager of the Flemish government. He is also a member of the EU blockchain observatory and co-initiator of the Belgian blockchain taskforce at Beltug and the new Blockchain4Belgium group.

Picture of Kyra Van Den Eynde

Kyra Van Den Eynde

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AI/CS Researcher, AI Lead

Kyra Van Den Eynde has a bachelor's degree in Cyber ​​Security and one in Artificial Intelligence. Within Howest's research groups, she therefore mainly focuses on projects that investigate what the added value of AI could be for today's cyber security. In addition, she mainly has a background in computer vision, but also does general AI projects.

Picture of Robby Goetinck

Robby Goetinck

Devops & Web3

Robby Goetinck is a Security Researcher and Web3 Engineer at Howest University of Applied Sciences. With a background in Infrastructure, DevOps and Web3, he's been actively involved in deploying Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions for Howest student passes as verifiable credentials on the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI).

Picture of Wim Van Renterghem

Wim Van Renterghem

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Web3 Program Manager, Researcher & Lecturer

I am a mobile developer at heart, working on mobile apps since 2015. Ever since I followed the blockchain@home course at Howest in 2018, I knew I wanted to become a blockchain/Web3 developer. Since then, I have taught the same courses I followed, researched blockchain technology in the BLING project, and most recently have become the program manager of our Web3 courses. I am also focused on life long learning, most recently with a cyber security education.

Picture of Tibo Van Craenenbroeck

Tibo Van Craenenbroeck

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AI Lecturer and Researcher

Tibo Van Craenenbroeck is a researcher who has been inspired by technology since childhood. With a diploma in Multimedia and Creative Technology (MCT) and an educational bachelor's degree, he passes on his knowledge to the next generation of IT professionals. Tibo also conducts research into AI applications with a focus on reinforcement learning.

Picture of Joeri Pansaerts

Joeri Pansaerts


I'm a passionate tech enthusiast from Bruges with a versatile skill set. My core mission is to craft software solutions that leave a lasting impact, whether it's through AI solutions, innovative apps, or digital products.

Picture of Ben Verhasselt

Ben Verhasselt

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NIS2 implementation expert

Ben has a passion for year-round outdoor swimming and is fond of Italy. With a University Degree in Social and Political Science under his belt, he has ventured into the world of IT security improvement projects. Serving as a Data Protection Officer (DPO), Ben has lent his expertise to various organizations in successfully implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Furthermore, Ben's educational journey continued as he pursued studies in Cyber Security Professional at Howest. Presently, he is fully engaged in preparing for the upcoming implementation of NIS2, the forthcoming European legislation concerning Network and Information Security.

Picture of David Prada

David Prada

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Cybersecurity Researcher

Ethical Hacker with over 4 years of experience in information security, risk management, incident response, computer forensics and web development. Specializes in IT/OT penetration testing and Cybersecurity research. Fluent in both Spanish and English, has worked with diverse clients across industries, including small businesses and large corporations, particularly in the oil & gas, military, and police sectors, in various countries.

Picture of Lorik Konjusevci

Lorik Konjusevci

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Full Stack Developer & Researcher

Lorik studied Digital Design and Development at Howest. Here he developed a passion for backend development. With a critical eye on UX and UI, he creates complex web applications.

Picture of Jana Bostoen

Jana Bostoen

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Researcher and Lecturer in Business and Organization

Jana gained several years of experience as a business analyst and (functional) IT consultant at various large companies after completing her master's degree in Business Management. Serving as the link between business and IT is the common thread in her further career path. In both her roles as researcher and lecturer, she shaped various digitization projects and imparts that knowledge to her students. Crafting solutions for businesses using technology is her great passion.

Picture of Bruno Claeys

Bruno Claeys

Managing the financial stuff

Professional swimmer, illustrator, comedian, coach, improviser, movie fanatic, but most importantly: Our first line of defense for protecting the developers against direct social interaction from the outside world. In addition to his University Degree in Social and Political science, he also holds certificates in cartoon drawing and graphic design

Picture of Tijl Atoui

Tijl Atoui

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SOC operator and Security lecturer

After his studies in cyber security at Howest, Tijl became an industrial cybersecurity researcher. He followed his dream to transfer his knowledge about OT security to students and became a lecturer for the Bachelor Applied Computer science.

Picture of Shane Deconinck

Shane Deconinck

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Web3 Lead

Shane Deconinck is Web3 Lead at Howest University of Applied Sciences. He's guiding the impact-driven applied research through combining deep technological understanding with human centered design techniques.

Picture of Jonathan Maes

Jonathan Maes

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Research Manager Business & Organization

Jonathan is research manager of the Faculty of Business & Organization and is passionate about helping organizations thrive through data-driven insights and strategic guidance at Howest University of Applied Sciences where we turn knowledge into action and never stop anticipating the future. Jonathan has an academic background in communication, new media and business analysis and professional experience in IT consultancy.

Picture of Kurt Schoenmaekers

Kurt Schoenmaekers

Cybersecurity Researcher

Kurt Schoenmaekers graduated with a master of science degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in digital automation from the University of Leuven, where he started his career as a research assistant. He then started as consultant for one of the first security companies in the world (Cryptech) and stayed in the IT security business for his now 30+ years career. He founded a security start-up in 1992 where amongst others the inventors of the encryption standard AES worked for some time . Kurt later worked in several other IT security companies like Uti-maco SafeWare (now Sophos), SafeBoot, McAfee, Intel and more, always in a leading role and focusing on IT Security. He has been living in France, Sweden and Belgium. Currently Kurt teaches Cyber Security Fundamentals at Howest, where he is also a cybersecurity researcher.