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William Schokkelé

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Academic Director cluster Computer Science & Technology

As the Academic Director of Computer Science & Technology at Howest University of Applied Sciences, William is dedicated to advancing education and research in this dynamic field. His focus is on creating an innovative learning environment that equips students for the challenges of the digital age. Our expertise includes Cyber Security, AI, Web3, App Development, and Systems/Networking. Prioritizing the wellbeing of the team, he fosters a supportive work environment for creativity and growth. Actively engaging in cluster cooperation, he cultivates collaborative relationships for innovation and knowledge exchange. Through this role, he aims to inspire the next generation of tech professionals and contribute to the technological landscape.

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Lorik Konjusevci

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Full Stack Developer & Researcher

Lorik studied Digital Design and Development at Howest. Here he developed a passion for backend development. With a critical eye on UX and UI, he creates complex web applications.

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Shane Deconinck

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Web3 Lead

Shane Deconinck is Web3 Lead at Howest University of Applied Sciences. He's guiding the impact-driven applied research through combining deep technological understanding with human centered design techniques.