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The development of a CO2 neutral energy system with less dependency on gas is a challenge at local, regional, national and European level. We feel the urgency to accelerate innovations and jointly create the conditions for scaling up, in order to make a serious contribution to a sustainable offshore energy transition.

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Ben Verhasselt

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NIS2 implementation expert

Ben has a passion for year-round outdoor swimming and is fond of Italy. With a University Degree in Social and Political Science under his belt, he has ventured into the world of IT security improvement projects. Serving as a Data Protection Officer (DPO), Ben has lent his expertise to various organizations in successfully implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Furthermore, Ben's educational journey continued as he pursued studies in Cyber Security Professional at Howest. Presently, he is fully engaged in preparing for the upcoming implementation of NIS2, the forthcoming European legislation concerning Network and Information Security.